Event Date: 18/03/24 - 31/12/24

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Pixels don’t have to just be tiny squares on a screen. They can be toys, tools, materials and canvas – all in one!

Step into Eureka!’s latest digital exhibition in our upstairs Spark Gallery: Pixel Play – A digital sandbox where pixels become dancing projections, playful creatures and dot-based creations!

Pixel Play features two brand new interactive digital installations, Circle Triangle Square (CTS) and Gecko Jam.

  • Circle Triangle Square (CTS) by interactive artist (and Eureka! Technician) James Brooks
    CTS invites families to become part of the art. Using movement tracking and large-scale projection tech, illuminated geometric shapes follow your every move like a giant kaleidoscopic shadow.
  • Gecko Jam by Genetic Moo
    Choose your Gecko and start creating a digital environment for them. Feed them, water them, shelter and nurture them. Team up with other Gecko Jammers to introduce your creatures and see how different diets and environments change them! Gecko Jam is part of Pixel Play thanks to Lumen Studios.

Designed for children aged 0-11, from art aficionados to curious explorers, Pixel Play is a vibrant union of creativity and technology.

Get playful with pixels at Eureka!

Event Highlights

  1. Interact with floor-to-ceiling digital exhibits that respond to YOU
  2. Move your body to control, morph and effect the exhibits
  3. Interact with giant touchscreens to control multi-coloured shapes and different sounds
  4. Jump, dance and move and see the thousands of tiny particles respond on a huge projection screen

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