About our Annual Pass

Pay once and play for a year!

Come as many times as you like, for a whole 12 months, for free. Just pre-book your return visits.

Activate your pass

Yep, that’s right, pay for your admission the first time you pre-book and then you get a free annual pass upgrade. What’s not to love?

We have an online Annual Pass – so there’s no physical pass that you need to keep hold of or pieces of paper to lose. Once you have pre-booked and paid for your first visit online, you’ll get one email with your booking confirmation and one email to activate your annual pass. Just follow that link and fill in the details to make your account and you’re ready to go!

A few T&Cs (i.e. the legal bit)

  • To activate your annual pass, you must give the names of everyone on the initial visit
  • Annual Passes are non-transferable – they can only be used by the people named on it.
  • Either upload a picture when you activate your pass or bring photo ID on all future visits.
  • The Annual Pass is not valid for school trips or group visits.
  • You still need to pre-book any return visit – you just won’t need to pay again.

Eureka! reserves the right to…

  • refuse admission and/or cancel any passes suspect of being used fraudulently
  • change these terms and conditions as necessary, at any time.

Can't find your email or receipt?

Don't worry - we'll sort it! If you can contact us we'll check our system and help you activate your pass....

A few FAQs

Got questions about your annual pass? You'll probably find the answers here!... Read more

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