Annual Pass FAQs

If your question is not answered by these FAQs, please contact our customer service team at where we can answer you there. Please note: in school holidays and weekends, we can be very busy so please allow us time to get back to you.

  • If I have an Annual Pass do I still need to pre-book?

Yes, even if you have an annual pass we still need you to book in your visit so we know you’re coming. This way we can limit the number of visitors in the building. Just log in to your dashboard and select the book visit button on your annual pass.

Remember, you must have activated your annual pass to book your visit. If you haven’t activated your pass, please check your emails for your activation link and fill in the details for everyone. If your annual pass was made at the till point (e.g. gift voucher made in to an annual pass at the till on the day of your visit), you should just need to register an account here.

As we only have a limited number of tickets available each day, please only book if you fully intend to come. Visits that are booked but then not taken up has a direct impact on our future sustainability.

If you need to amend your booking or have any issues with your annual pass, please let us know in advance by email to so our customer service team can handle this.

  • Who can use the pass to visit?

The annual pass is only valid for those named on the annual pass when you activate it – these should be the same names as the people who visited on the first visit. If you have someone who would usually come but can’t make the first visit, it is recommended to pay for them also on your first visit so they can be added to your annual pass as well for future revisits.

  • Do I need to buy another ticket when a child on my pass ages up to the next ticket type?

Nope! The price applies to their age on the first visit, so no need to pay extra. The important thing is to keep them as their original ticket type until the annual pass expires. If you change the ticket type to the next one up, it will charge you again for them so basically, just don’t mess with the auto-filled ticket types unless someone isn’t visiting or you’re adding additional people on.

  • Can I give my Annual Pass to family and friends to use?

The annual pass is non-transferable between people so only the people named on the pass can use it. If someone else is bringing your child, for example, you can book your child on and the additional people can purchase their own tickets and get their own annual pass.

  • Can I bring additional people?

Yes but they will need to be paid for. When booking, your annual pass will be auto-filled in with the number of people currently on your annual pass. You can just update these numbers with any additional people and will only be charged for those not on your annual pass already.

  • Will I have to pay extra for special events?

We regularly run special themed events for visitors, which are usually free with standard admission or your annual pass. Where any additional fees apply, they will be clearly stated on promotional materials, web listings and before booking anything on the day. You can also check our whats on page to find out more information about special events. If you are unsure about any additional fees for events, contact us at

  • Can my child/children use the pass on school or group trips to Eureka!?

No, unfortunately not. School and group visits to Eureka! include specialist, seasonal workshops, content and staff support which is not including in the price of standard admissions.

  • Can I use Tesco Vouchers or any other vouchers to buy an Annual Pass?

No, visits paid for by using Tesco Vouchers, Yorkshire Pass Holders, free child vouchers or any other discounts (unless clearly stated otherwise) will be issued as a day ticket and are not eligible for a free upgrade to an Annual Pass.

  • I have an annual pass for your Wirral site, can this be used at Halifax?

Unfortunately, the annual pass is non-transferrable between sites so it can only be used at the site it was purchased from. If you have a Eureka! The National Children’s Museum pass, it can only be used at the Halifax site and vice versa.

  • I have a member number but it is no longer working on your website – how do I sort this?

We changed over to a new system. If you haven’t already, you just need to re-register on our new system – basically setting up your new dashboard with a password so you can access it again. If you haven’t done this and try to use your email, it will most likely tell you that your email is not recognised meaning it needs to be re-registered on the new system.

  • I have re-registered my annual pass but it’s only showing one member on the pass – how do I get everyone else added on?

If your annual pass wasn’t activated on our old system then this will most likely mean that the new system will have only brought across the lead person on the pass as it had no data for the additional members. If this is the case, send us an email to with the names for everyone who should be on your annual pass and what ticket type they fall under (adult, child 3+, toddler 1-2 or baby <1) so our customer service team can get this sorted for you.

  • How do I activate my annual pass after I’ve booked online?

You should have received an email with your confirmation of your booking and then a second email with a link to activate your annual pass. Follow the link on this second email and then fill in the names of everyone on the annual pass. This will activate it and allow you to book revisits.

  • The option to book a visit is greyed out, what does this mean?

If you haven’t made your first visit yet, the option to book will be grey until the annual pass becomes active on the day of your first visit where it will then turn blue and allow you to book revisits.

  • How do I activate my annual pass after my pass was made at the till point?

If your annual pass was made by our front of house team (for example, gift vouchers that have been redeemed for an annual pass on the day of your first visit), you just need to register an account and this should attach the annual pass made to your dashboard.

  • How do I book using my annual pass?

Once you’re all set up with your dashboard, you just need to log in to your dashboard. You will see your annual pass and a button that says “book visit”. If you click this, it will load up the booking page and auto-fill in for everyone on the pass and then you can select the date and time you’d like to book for.

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