Mini Builders 👷

Event Date: 03/05/24 - 28/06/24

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This programme of additional activities is designed specifically for families with early years children (aka Little Explorers!)

This month’s theme is: Mini Builders 👷

We will be encouraging our Little Explorers in these sessions to take part in a variety of construction activities.

Through this children will develop a range of skills including problem-solving, creativity, fine and gross motor skills, language and communication, social skills, and mathematical concepts such as shape, size, and spatial relationships.

Construction is an integral part of early childhood education and helps support holistic development.

During these sessions, children can:

  • Become a builder and get creative in our building corner 👷
  • Use lollipop sticks to build on their shape and letter knowledge 🍭
  • Work together to build a bridge for some stranded animals 🌉
  • Get a bit messy in our construction zone sand pit ⛱️

Whatever age or stage your early learners are at, there will be lots of engaging activities for them to be curious, to be playful and to have fun!

Event Highlights

  1. Location: Creativity Space
  2. When are these sessions? Every Tuesday to Friday from 10am-3:30pm
  3. How long are the sessions? You can drop-in for as little or as long as you like between the above stated times
  4. Do I need to book, or can I just turn up? Pre-book your museum visit online, but just turn up to Creativity Space
  5. Are these suitable for older children? The activities are designed for early years, but older siblings can join in the fun!
  6. Are these activities on every day? Tuesday to Friday, yes 😊

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